Skewdats Cocktail Skewers

Skewdats are a unique presentation vehicle for food and beverages. Whether you are using the Skewdats Skewer System for cocktails or the Skewdats Display Tray for meal presentation, you will create a lasting impression with your clientele.

Bloody Awesome

Customers experience inspired cocktails.

Create the most memorable signature cocktail with Skewdats Cocktail Skewers. Staff can easily maintain a brand consistent presentation across all locations. Increase efficiency by pre-loading skewers that slide easily into the innovative locking hub prior to service.

Stand Out

Customers enjoy a memorable meal.

Create a lasting impression with the Skewdats Tray. The unique presentation enhances the server’s up-sell strategy, adding bottle service flair to desserts and appetizers. The food-grade, dishwasher-safe plastic tray utilizes the same Skewdats skewer system that is used for beverages.


 Why stop at Bloody Marys? Add flair to any cocktail. The only limit to your impact is your imagination.